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Love & Kisses Chain Necklace

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In the final act of Shakespeare’s play, Juliet’s words “God join’d my heart and Romeo’s” resonates with eternal themes of love and heartbreak, emblematic of the fate of these star-crossed lovers. These pieces beautifully encapsulated the essence of her sentiment, with each chain link taking the shape of a lip, to portray the interlinked intricacies of love and intimacy.

Crafted from 18 karat yellow gold, the 36" chain features a clasp that serves as a poignant representation of a broken heart. It stands as a reminder that love, much like the emotions experienced by Romeo and Juliet, is both resolute and powerful but inherently fragile and complex.

The Love and Kisses chain long necklace by designer Solange Azagury-Partridge - 18 carat Yellow Gold - front flat view
Love & Kisses Chain Necklace Sale price£19,500