Starburst Ring


A star motif ring with flames of the sun's energy radiating out from the core

The star motif comes from the origin story of gold - that of two Neutron stars colliding

Made from 18 karat yellow gold.


In this increasingly unreal, volatile and virtual world, Solange is feeling her id pull her deep beneath the earth's surface and extracting from it the security and everlasting brilliance of nature's most enchanting element. A symbol of hope, optimism and strength, with a light forged in darkness

Solid gold

As a collection, Solid is an expression of the power of simplicity. A shimmering example of beauty in its most distilled and honest form. Each piece radiates warmth, confidence and an ancient glamour and truth that aligns the wearer with the past during a complicated present. Solid is a celebration of the most foundational material in the jeweller’s art.  An acknowledgement of the fact that without gold, not much else would be possible. 

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