My id craves the reliability and certainty of gold

With a light forged in darkness, gold is everlasting, unchangeable and grounded in solidity

In this increasingly unreal, volatile and virtual world, Solange is feeling her id pull her deep beneath the earth's surface and extracting from it the security and everlasting brilliance of nature's most enchanting element. A symbol of hope, optimism and strength, with a light forged in darkness.

Solid Gold

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Golden Egg Heavyweight

The golden egg heavyweight is a beautiful yet practical object to sit on your desk.  In the era of working from home decorative objects make your desk a beautiful place to be. 

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As a collection, Solid is an expression of the power of simplicity. A shimmering example of beauty in its most distilled and honest form
Each piece radiates warmth, confidence and an ancient glamour and truth that aligns the wearer with the past during a complicated present


Inspired by stories of gold's celestial origins in the stars. Scientists have discovered that earth's gold was formed when two Neutron stars collided.

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A distillation and solidification of that very elusive element of light. The idea of gold being sunshine in solid form

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