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Playful, kinetic, or perfectly proportioned for everyday, discover Solange's selection of earrings.

Lightning Bolts Earring Five
Lightning Bolts Earring Five Sale price$15,238.00
Lightning Bolts Pave Earring Three
Crescent & Star Diamond Earrings
Scribbles Mix & Match White Diamond Earring
Scribbles Blue & Pink Earring
Bee Stud Earrings
Bee Stud Earrings Sale price$3,157.00
Black Rainbows Earrings
Black Rainbows Earrings Sale price$0.00
Blanche Earrings
Blanche Earrings Sale price$15,020.00
Celeste Earrings
Celeste Earrings Sale price$0.00
Chlorophyll Clusterbud Earrings
Eternity Medium Diamond Hoops
Eternity Medium Diamond Hoops Sale price$14,585.00
Darling Rose Earrings
Darling Rose Earrings Sale price$13,605.00
Eternity Large Diamond Hoops
Eternity Large Diamond Hoops Sale price$17,197.00
Lotus Flower Earrings
Lotus Flower Earrings Sale price$0.00
Mayan Pave Earrings
Mayan Pave Earrings Sale price$0.00
Myanmar Earrings
Myanmar Earrings Sale price$0.00
Notre Dame Earrings
Notre Dame Earrings Sale price$13,932.00
Orbital Earrings
Orbital Earrings Sale price$25,033.00
Spectrum Earrings
Spectrum Earrings Sale price$0.00
Pagoda Earrings
Pagoda Earrings Sale price$0.00
Pyramid Earrings
Pyramid Earrings Sale price$0.00
Soundwave Audio Earrings representing the words Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty" by John Keats in pave diamond set 18 karat white gold by Solange Azagury-Partridge
Soundwave Pave Earrings Sale price$0.00
Supernova Diamond Earrings
Temple Earrings
Temple Earrings Sale price$0.00
Tri Star Earrings
Tri Star Earrings Sale price$17,415.00
Geometric Earrings
Geometric Earrings Sale price$0.00
Nimrod 18 karat white gold earring and triangle diamonds by Solange Azagury-Partridge
Nimrod Earrings Sale price$0.00
Rose Flower Earrings
Rose Flower Earrings Sale price$3,810.00
Step Oval Ruby Earrings
Step Oval Ruby Earrings Sale price$0.00
Days of the Week Rotating Emerald and 18 karat gold ring gif


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