Evolve, Transform, Mutate.

A collection of five precious objects designed as jewellery boxes.The box becomes the jewels. Each box tells its own story.

In outer space is the Snakepit floating on its rock crystal star. When opened, this studded constellation of diamonds on matt black gold becomes a cuff that can be worn on the wrist. If you take the lid off and look down, you will see the floor covered with writhing snakes. Two skeletons have been left behind, unable to escape, doomed to be worn as earrings. The floor, as well as the ceiling of the Snakepit, can be worn as pendants.


A unique Metamorphosis Objet can be created especially for you. Your chosen subject will be Solange's inspiration. Crafted in our workshops, we will collaborate with you to manufacture a fully bespoke and personalised treasure.