Ark Of The Covenant


Evolve, Transform, Mutate.

A collection of five precious objects designed as jewellery boxes. The box becomes the jewels. Each box tells its own story.

The Ark of the Covenant is a symbol of the Judeo-Christian tradition. The Ark, a mythical entity, is held aloft by a mother-of-pearl cloud. It is made of carved white marble sitting on four golden lion’s feet. It is protected by four gold birds and two angels which, when combined together, form a necklace. The Ark opens up and inside are the 10 Commandments carved onto gold tablets. A cross of gold opens up to reveal 72 cabochon stones representing the 72 Hebrew Names of God. The stones are composed of 12 colours representing the 12 Tribes of Israel.


A unique Metamorphosis Objet can be created especially for you. Your chosen subject will be Solange's inspiration. Crafted in our workshops, we will collaborate with you to manufacture a fully bespoke and personalised treasure.