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Alpha Tied Up Bangle

Sale price$11,635.00

Part of the ALPHA men's collection that is designed to be bold, strong, masculine and humorous. Each piece is fashioned in sandblasted and blackened 18 karat yellow gold. The blackening intentionally wears away to reveal the glow of yellow gold underneath. Lustrous warmth beneath a cool exterior.

The Tied Up bangle subverts the love knot motif in a playful way. The knot motif in jewellery design is a symbol of love dating back to antiquity. Patterns of rope or cord are tied or interlaced with no beginning or end, representing the unique bond between lovers or friends.


Mens Alpha Tied Up Bangle is a double knot motif bangle in blackened 18 karat yellow gold by Solange Azagury-Partridge
Alpha Tied Up Bangle Sale price$11,635.00